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Are you tired of searching for a quality bench vises made in USA? Look no further, we’ve found eight manufacturers and brands that produce some of the best tradesman, CNC & machinist, woodworking, and more. 7 of the companies use 100% American-made components in their products while the other still assembles their vises in the USA.

Investing in a good quality bench vise can last for generations, and supporting American manufacturing is more important than ever. Not only will you be supporting the economy and environment, but you can also rest assured that you’re getting a product of the highest quality. Check out our affiliate links to retailers for the latest prices, shipping costs, customer reviews, special offers, and more.

Are There Any USA Made Bench Vises? (The Short Answer)

Surprisingly, there are a couple of American companies that manufacture bench vises – Benchcrafted and Milwaukee Tool & Equipment Company.

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Bench Vises made in USA (Here’s What I Found)

Let’s dive into an insightful exploration of the prominent manufacturers of bench vises in the USA. We’ll take a closer look at each company, examining their distinct characteristics and contributions to the industry.

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Benchcrafted (Sort of)

Benchcrafted, a small family company founded in 2005, takes pride in producing extraordinary workbench hardware. Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, they specialize in crafting glide leg vises that blend aesthetic appeal with practicality.

Bench Vises made in USA


These unique vises combine wooden craftsmanship with robust materials like cast iron for enhanced durability. Offering a variety of handle, wheel, and knob options, Benchcrafted’s Glide vises are the perfect choice for both amateurs and professionals.

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Milwaukee Tool & Equipment Company

Milwaukee Tool & Equipment is a company that can be a bit confusing because there seem to be two companies with the same name.

However, for the purpose of this entry, let’s focus on the company linked here. Their manufacturing is exclusively done at their Milwaukee plant, which is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for efficient and accurate operations.

Bench Vises made in USA


Emphasizing strict supervision and rigorous inspection, they ensure that all products meet high-quality standards. With a commitment to providing customers with the right tools at fair prices, Milwaukee Tool & Equipment delivers products that are built to get the job done.

Although their website may appear outdated and lacks detailed information, it does highlight their expertise in manufacturing pipe wrenches, c-clamps, blacksmith tools, screw Jacks & braces, and, of course, bench vises.

Bench Vises made in USA


Being a relatively small business, their products cannot be ordered online at the moment. Instead, interested customers can directly contact them using the phone number provided below.

Speaking of bench vises, Milwaukee Tool & Equipment Company offers a wide range of options to choose from. While their website may seem dated, locating their vise products is easy.

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Wilton Tools

Wilton, a vise manufacturing company founded by Czech immigrant Hugh W. Vogl in 1941, has evolved over the years while maintaining its commitment to high quality and integrity.

Although most of Wilton’s products are made overseas, there are a few bench vises still possibly produced in the USA (with verification needed).

Notably, the Wilton Bullet Vise family has been a consistent top-seller in the industrial market since its inception. Some models of Wilton bullet vises are made in Carpentersville, Illinois, using domestically sourced components.

While Wilton has manufacturing facilities and its headquarters in the US, customer reviews about the origin of the products, particularly those made in Taiwan, have been mixed. Unfortunately, it is unclear which of Wilton’s bench vises are made in the US, as information on this is scarce. To obtain accurate information, it is recommended to contact the company directly for clarification.

Bench Vises made in USA


Despite the manufacturing uncertainties, Wilton bench vises are highly regarded for their exceptional quality and longevity. Many satisfied customers worldwide have experienced the durability and value of a Wilton bench vise, which has the potential to last for generations.

Conquest Industries

Conquest Industries has been manufacturing high-quality industrial equipment, tools, and supplies for the metals and wood products industry since 1979. With a 43,000 square foot facility and a machine park consisting of 11 CNC machines (Milling and Turning), three grinding centers, and a variety of manual machines, they are able to produce the majority of the parts for their machines in-house.

In addition, select models of Conquest metalworking machine vises are proudly made in Santa Fe Springs, California, using domestically sourced components, ensuring top-notch quality.

Hovarter Custom Vise

Lenco Tools LLC, located in Howell, Michigan, is the manufacturer of Hovarter Custom Vise line – a range of quick-action woodworking vises. These unique and patented vises can be used to create leg vises, face vises, or wagon vises. Hovarter brand custom woodworking vises are meticulously crafted in Howell, Michigan using domestically sourced components.

Lake Erie Toolworks

Lake Erie Toolworks, in business since July 2008, designs, builds, and sells the finest quality woodworking tools. Their vises, made in Erie, Pennsylvania, utilize domestically sourced or Canadian sourced components.

The vises are crafted using locally grown Hard Maple, custom sawn and dried by wood suppliers specializing in large diameter wood stock.

For hardware and metal stock, Lake Erie Toolworks sources from reliable domestic and Canadian suppliers, including Lee Valley.

Orange Vise Co.

Since 2012, our American company has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality single and dual station CNC machine vises, machinable quick-change soft jaws, and quick-change fixturing solutions.

We take pride in our commitment to innovation, constantly striving to elevate performance, quality, and value in the global marketplace for industrial tooling.

Rest assured, all our CNC vises are proudly made in Placentia, California, using 100% domestic materials and components.

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Bench Vises that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being Made in America

Recently, I discovered a company that initially manufactured its vises in the USA. However, in the past few years, the company has shifted its production overseas. Allow me to share my findings with you.

Yost Vises

Yost Vises, a company founded in 1908, has a rich history of manufacturing in the US. However, in recent years, their manufacturing operations have shifted to China and Taiwan, although the company remains headquartered in Michigan.

Despite a lack of explicit information on their website, observant customers may notice the “Made in China” or “Made in Taiwan” labels in the additional information section of each product. This discrepancy has led to confusion among some customers who mistakenly assumed Yost Vises is still an American manufacturer.

Bench Vises made in USA


Through perusing Amazon reviews and trusted news sites, I discovered the truth about Yost Vises’ manufacturing locations being relocated overseas. It is important to note that, despite this change, the company remains committed to delivering high-quality products.

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There are still many viable options when it comes to purchasing a quality bench vise in the USA. Be sure to do your research, as not all companies are upfront with their manufacturing locations.

From Wisconsin and Illinois to California and Pennsylvania (with Michigan somewhere in between!), the aforementioned companies certainly deserve recognition for their commitment and dedication to American craftsmanship.

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